Marzia Bisognin-Celebrity Crush

¬†Watching YouTube is a fun thing to do. I admit it. It is very easy to get attached to the people you watch, whether they game, vlog, review, or anything else. I will also admit to getting attached to the people I watch on an emotional level. I could never imagine them ‘quitting’ or stopping the video flow. I start to watch them everyday, multiple videos a day, getting more and more attached with every word they say. I also admit to being a little crazy. It’s not a creepy kind of attachment, I just thoroughly enjoy them and get a little addicted to their personality.

Just recently, one of my favorite YouTuber’s and bloggers quit. Marzia Bisognin, or itsmarziapie or CutiepieMarzia, or just plain Marzia.
Marzia is 26 years old, she has two dogs, and a hedgehog. She is engaged to Felix Kjellberg, PewDiePie. Most of you will know her because of her relationship to Felix, but she has an audience of her own as well. She draws, makes pottery, writes, builds, crafts, and so much more. On her channel, she would mainly show clothes she had recently gotten, share her skincare and makeup routines,plays video games with Felix, and a lot more artsy things.

One the picture above, you will see her wearing a pink shirt by a brand that she and Felix created called Tsuki. She is a very bubbly, sweet, charming, and funny. I looked up to her a lot and still do. I incorporated a lot of her style into my own closet, I read some of the books that she recommended, I was inspired by her drawings to draw something myself. She made my day whenever she posted a new video, once a week. Marzia continues to post of Instagram, sometimes on Twitter, she quit her blog and her channel on YouTube.

When she announced it, I was heartbroken. But I know that if this is best for her, then she should do it. If she is happy, then I am happy. If she wants to quit something to help herself, then she should. Feeling a personal connection with someone that doesn’t know you, and you don’t know that much about them, makes you feel joyful.

I wish her the best on the rest of her journey, and her upcoming marriage.

Well, I’ll see ya’ll next time!


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